Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Grenada Collection by Boyuer Scott (1964)

Arthur Umanoff's 1964 Grenada Collection for Boyuer Scott is quite possibly the most frequently mis-attributed of all of the Boyuer Scott and Shaver Howard collections. It's vague similarities to Salterini's 1951 Tempestini designed "Scherzo" or "Ribbon" collection coupled with a sum-total lack of available documentation on the Boyuer Scott production has provided ample fodder for error and misattribution even amongst some of the most reputable and scholarly dealers.

Below: Pages 2-4 of the 1964 Boyuer Scott furniture catalog illustrating the (then) brand new Grenada Collection:

In late 1968/early1969 Shaver Howard purchased Boyuer Scott and made them a wholly owned subsidiary. For the short term Boyuer Scott still operates under their own imprint and maintains their own production and manufacturing, gradually over the next two years Boyuer Scott will be subsumed by the parent corporation, Shaver Howard. 

The following page scans are taken from the first Shaver Howard/Boyuer Scott joint catalog for 1969/1970.